The Best Ever Dark Munich Beer Out Of Milton

The Best Ever Dark Munich Beer Out Of Milton is full of round, toasty malt flavors. Brewed from the finest German Munich malt, huskless black malt from Chile, Red Rye Crystal malt, Abruzzi Rye and slow roasted corn grits for deep, nutty sensations rich in character and tradition, we lagered this beer for a good, long time to create a silky smooth lager that's layered with nuanced goodness! 





Friday, August 24, 2018

Original Release Date:


Munich Dunkel


Reddish brown with bone white foam

Malty, toasty and mildly roasty with sweet notes of dried fruit and light caramel

Malty and subtly roasty with a gentle firmness and notes of caramel, toast and dried fruit

Round and full-bodied with a subtly sweet finish