Analog Beer

Analog Beer is a roasty dry stout brewed with popped Buckwheat from Anson Mills and apple ash.  Inspired by Scandinavian cooking traditions and old world techniques, the apple ash for this brew was made over several days with local Honey Crisp Apples from Fifer Orchards, which were literally burnt to ash directly over hardwood and applewood charcoal.  The resulting ash was added to the mash, including burning hot apples and embers prepared the morning of brewday.  The Italian heirloom buckwheat variety provided by Anson Mills is also a shout-out to rustic farming tradition, and was popped in boiling water before being added to the mash.  Analog was then bittered in the kettle with American Columbus hops and fermented with Chico ale yeast. 

The result is a dry stout with subtle hints of char and smoke which meld beautifully with the bittersweet chocolate notes of black malt and roasted barley.  The middle has a hint of acidity while finishing crisp with a slight c02 burn.  Analog Beer is the essence of “Analog Beer for the Digital Age”, merging antique methodology with modern taste to create a truly unique and individualistic brew.

Analog Beer goes on tap Friday, October 12, 2012 and will be around until it's not.

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