Though he's just 23 years old, Mac Miller is an old soul and a seasoned hip-hop veteran. As the rap star celebrated his first major-label release, GO:OD AM, Sam met him in New York City to share a special whiskey-infused brew that's built to age well— like a great album. With the 12%-ABV ale acting as a truth serum, Mac offered some brutally honest (and hilarious) feedback on Sam's craft-beer rap group, The Pain Relievaz for the third episode of That's Odd ... Let's Drink It!

Just what is 12:50 ... ?

We've got wood - for aging beer! We took a huge strong brown ale, aged it in resiny palo santo wood for 45 days, then laid it down in Town Branch white oak bourbon barrels for 3 months. The result is a beer that is coal-black with an intense nose of bourbon, vanilla, oak, caramel and smoke. Each sip is an explosion of chocolate, bourbon, cherries, sweet toffee, licorice and maple. The mouthfeel is viscous and warming and the finish is sweet and roasty.







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