We’re brewing up a special anniversary beer to celebrate 10 years of checking-in with Untappd!

Thursday, September 10, 2020

We've got some exciting news! Our friends at Untappd are celebrating their 10-year anniversary and to celebrate, we've teamed up with them to provide a one-of-a-kind virtual experience and a special anniversary beer to pair with it!

With Untappd’s 10th anniversary falling during unprecedented times, this anniversary beer is a great way to support the entire craft beer ecosystem – from farmers growing ingredients to artisans brewing beer, favorite local bartenders offering the perfect pour, and even Untappd users checking-in a new beer for the first time. As the number-one producer of sour beers in America (hello, SeaQuench Ale!) and as the fastest growing beer style, it only made sense to create a sour beer recipe and call it ‘I Remember My First Check-In’ to honor Untappd and the impact they’ve had on the entire craft beer industry. The base recipe will be made available to breweries and homebrewers that want to participate in the initiative, giving them the opportunity to create their own version of the beer. Participating breweries are asked to source at least one ingredient at market value directly from a grower or supplier within 100 miles of their respective brewery (gotta keep it local!).

“Untappd has been a catalyst for connecting members of the global craft brewing community for 10 years. I’m sure most of us remember our first check in on Untappd and that feeling of belonging that comes when you find community. In these tenuous and tumultuous times, we all need a sense of community now more than ever,” says Dogfish Head founder and brewer Sam Calagione. “To do our small part in supporting and sustaining the industry ecosystem, we are focusing the creative recipe customization and economics of the project around the connectivity between local farmers, local breweries and beer lovers.”

Brewers are encouraged to release their version of the ‘I Remember My First Check-In’ beer starting October 18 through the end of the year, and to utilize the Untappd platform to upload them. The Untappd platform will allow users to interact with the participating breweries by finding new releases of the beers near them, rating and reviewing the beers, and “leveling up” through a variety of badges while trying the beers.

In addition to the anniversary beer initiative, we'll be hosting a 10th Anniversary Party with Untappd, a one-day live streamed event on Saturday, October 24 that’s open to all Untappd users! The party will celebrate Untappd’s 10-year history by highlighting and sampling selected beers from breweries that brew their own version of ‘I Remember My First Check-in,’ reminiscing on some fan-favorite beers over the last decade, interviews with industry favorites and long-time users of the platform, as well as live music. The entire event will be hosted by Greg Avola, Untappd’s co-founder and CCO.

"When I co-founded Untappd over a decade ago, the goal was to bring beer fans together to share reviews, engage socially and support the breweries they love. I never imagined how this community and business would evolve to where it is today," says Greg. "This past year has brought unique challenges, but I am proud of how Untappd has stepped up to overcome and support restaurants, bars and breweries. I am humbled and excited to celebrate these accomplishments with Dogfish Head, which graciously stepped up to produce a recipe that can be shared in support of the industry we hold so close to hearts, while celebrating the occasion with the Untappd community."

To learn more about the festivities surrounding Untappd’s 10th Anniversary and how to participate in the ‘I Remember My First Check-In’ anniversary beer project, visit untappd.com/10!

Direct beneficiaries of the 10th Anniversary celebration and initiative include the Restaurant Strong Fund and the Michael Jackson Foundation for Brewing and Distilling.