Perfect pairings ... recommendations from our chefs!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Did you know that pairing our flavorful, culinary-inspired beers and spirits with complementary dishes can enhance your overall gastronomical experience? Sounds fancy, right? Next time you’re at our Rehoboth brewpub or Chesapeake & Maine, give it a try! And if you’re unsure of which offerings to order in tandem, no worries … our awesome co-workers are there to help! Chef Andy Wehrle of Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats and Chef Ray Giangeruso of Chesapeake & Maine already have some recommendations for you!

Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats – Recommendations from Chef Andy Wehrle

SeaQuench Ale Chicken Tacos paired with Lime in Coconut

SeaQuench Ale Chicken Tacos – Three tacos packed with jalapeño jerk seasoned chicken, pineapple salsa, cumin slaw and cilantro, served with house-cut fries, potato salad, coleslaw or pasta salad.

Lime in Coconut cocktail – Dogfish Head Distilling Co. Analog Vodka mixed with house-made basil limeade and coconut water, and topped with Lupu-Luau IPA.

Between the jerk marinade and pineapple salsa in our SeaQuench Ale Chicken Tacos and the coconut water and limeade in our Lime in Coconut cocktail, this pairing’s medley of flavors will transport you straight to the tropics! The addition of cilantro to the tacos and basil to the cocktail complement one another flawlessly and leave you with a super tasty food and spirits pairing that’s perfect for the summertime!

Bread & Butter Burger paired with Faithful Companion

Bread & Butter Burger – A burger of your choice (certified Angus beef burger, turkey burger, chicken breast or Vegan Beyond Burger) topped with house-made bread and butter pickles, swiss cheese and bacon, served with house-cut fries, potato salad, coleslaw or pasta salad.

Faithful Companion – A light and refreshing American ale with inviting aromas of citrus and light caramel. Its flavors of caramel malt sweetness and citrusy hops give this brew an easy bitterness and a clean, dry finish.

Beer and burgers always go great together, and this pairing is no exception! The acidity of the house-made pickles that top our Bread and Butter Burger is balanced by the malty sweetness of our brewpub exclusive Faithful Companion. In turn, the beer’s citrus hop flavors are balanced by the burger’s cherry pepper “special sauce.”

Chesapeake & Maine – Recommendations from Chef Ray Giangeruso

SeaQuench Ale Mussels paired with SeaQuench Ale

SeaQuench Ale Mussels – Fresh Maine mussels from Hollander & Dekoning with pancetta, peppers and crème fraiche that’s deglazed in key lime juice and SeaQuench Ale, and served with grilled bread.

SeaQuench Ale – Our session sour mash-up of a crisp Kölsch, a salty Gose and a tart Berliner Weiss brewed in sequence with black limes, sour lime juice and sea salt for a beer that’s light, clean and quenching.

Our SeaQuench Ale Mussels are full of complex flavors … savory notes from the pancetta, sweetness from the peppers, and a crisp tang from the key lime juice and SeaQuench Ale. The perfect companion for any seafood plate, our light and refreshing SeaQuench Ale adds to the intricacies of the dish without overpowering it.

Summer Fresh Catch paired with the Sunburn Martini

Summer Fresh Catch – The day’s fresh catch served with a summer salad of corn, strawberry, mango, cherry tomatoes, red onion, watercress and almonds, and an avocado cream.

Sunburn Martini – Dogfish Head Distilling Co. Analog Vodka mixed with orange and lemon juices, and habanero simple syrup.

The spicy and citrusy flavors in our Sunburn Martini adds a balance of citrus, earth and heat to the light and fresh Summer Fresh Catch entrée. Both packed full of summer-centric flavors, this dish and cocktail taste best together after a long day at the beach!

These are just a few of our many dishes that pair with our off-centered libations. So be sure to stop and give ‘em a try, or mix and match a few of your own!