New Brewhouse Becoming A Reality

Monday, July 03, 2006

Seeing is believing!

We've been telling you about our brewing capacity constraints for a while now (we've already addressed our packaging problems with a new bottling line and our fermentation issues with lots of new tanks).

Well, we are finally to the install phase of our new 100-bbl brewhouse (to replace the 50-bbl brewhouse we currently use)! Check out the photos to the right... these are the tanks of the system being placed in the just completed building.

As of the beginning of October, the mill is running, the silos are ready, and the piping and electric continues....

If you come by for a tour of the Milton facility, you'll be able to take a peek.

What does this mean? We can make more beer! We can actually fufill an order! More beer in your local stores and bars! Three cheers for the brewhouse!