Biere de Coupage Beer Series Release: Le Botaniste

It's a blend for the ages, both young and old!

Sunday, June 25, 2023

It’s the summer of synthesis at our Milton brewery. We’ve been barrel aging beers for the last few years and this summer, we’re blending these brews!  

Blending beers is nothing new to the brewing game. It's often used as a form of quality control to maintain consistency across batches. This is a common technique with barrel aged beers, which often have some degree of variability between batches. But you know brewers don’t stop there! Blending beers is a great way to add complexity, harness acidity and balance flavor. 

We figured instead of blending similar types of beers, why not blend two totally different styles for the ultimate off-centered creation?? And so we give you, the Biere de Coupage series! This series utilizes the French brewing technique that shares its namesake of, literally, blending beers. Releasing in three parts throughout the summer, the Biere de Coupage series is the result of merging young Saisons with older beers to create these deliciously complex farmhouse ales.  

For ‘Le Botanist’, the first release in the series, we blended together something old and something new! This rustic Farmhouse Ale is the amalgam of a Saison aged in Dogfish Distilling Co.’s gin barrels for 12 months, blended with a 3-year-old oak aged mixed culture golden ale and fresh citrus zest. Clocking in at 10% ABV. Priced at just $15.00 per 500ml bottle. And this is one that’ll just keep getting better over time. You’ll definitely want to add this to your ageable beer stash!  

Be on the lookout for the remaining releases of the series as the summer goes on. ‘Le Vigneron’ will be dropping on July 22, followed by ‘Le Fermier’ in September.  

And to that, we say, à ta santé!