Introducing our new Alternate Takes series

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Exile on Main Street. Bee Thousand. These great records didn’t materialize on the first take. Oh no. Back in those analog days, it took a marathon single-day recording session filled with tinkering, experimentation, and wild dreaming. Try one riff. Test out another. And more and more until a cohesive record emerged from this exploration of goodness. But buried with that creative tapestry is a trail of alternate takes; a collection of hits in their own right.

This iterative process of exploring what could be is the same way we approach brewing every day. Our Alternate Takes series offers a peek into our innovative and creative R&D process, where no idea is out of bounds and where each take celebrates a single off-centered step forward.

For Alternate Takes #1 - the first of our Alternate Takes series -  we've brewed a Double IPA with Centennial, Warrior, and Idaho 7 hops. With a deep golden hue, you're greeted with notes of tropical fruits in the aroma - pineapple, papaya, and passion fruit - and a malty, apricot sweetness with each sip. Finishing almost tea-like, this ciitrusy and fruity brew is one quenching IPA.

This beer just started shipping to wholesalers on 3/21. With super limited availability and state approvals still pending, you may not be able to track this one down right away. Look for it on tap at special events and festivals, and keep an eye on the Fish Finder to help you track some down!