Dogfish Miami exterior

A farewell from Dogfish Head Miami

Friday, October 21, 2022

Many have heard the news, but just in case you haven’t … we’ve made the difficult business decision to close Dogfish Head Miami. We know it’s hard to read, it’s hard for us to type. Unfortunately, with our lease coming to an end, coupled with the significant rent increases happening throughout Miami, our last day of business will be on Saturday, Nov. 5.

Since our closing announcement on social last month, we’ve received an outpouring of support from friends near and far, along with a lot of great questions. We want to make sure you get all the answers you need, so here are a few of the frequently asked questions and answers about our upcoming closure.

Will your apparel be for sale?

  • For folks in the Miami area, we’d recommend stopping by our Wynwood taproom and merch shop between now and Nov. 5, to grab some Dogfish Head Miami swag. If you are from out-of-town, you can check out our online shop to snag your favorite Dogfish Miami T-shirt, hat, a sticker and more. Available while supplies last.

Is there a chance that you can move to another place where rent is not so high?

  • We are always looking for new opportunities to extend our brand within local communities. We have no definite plans to share at this time, but we’ll never say never!

What will happen to SoFlo?

  • At this time, we do not have plans to continue production of SoFlo Pils. BUT, you never know what you may find on tap at one of our Delaware locations in the future!

Are you going to do a last celebration before closing?

  • You betcha! Guests are encouraged to stop by anytime between now and Nov. 5, to enjoy one of our many beers, events and happenings. For our final hoorah, we’ll be hosting a celebration on Saturday, Nov. 5 from 12 p.m. – 8 p.m. This celebration will be complete with food, music, off-centered activities and of course, beer! We’re still finalizing the details, so keep an eye on our Goodbye Party event listing for updates.

Bringing any Miami favorites to your Delaware taps?

  • We’ve already featured a couple of Dogfish Head Miami brews at our Delaware locations, so it’s definitely a possibility!

What will happen with my Off-Centered Society rewards?

  • We’d love for you to take advantage of your rewards before we close! Please visit us between now and Nov. 5. Can’t make it? Email and we’ll chat with you!

To each and every guest that has visited us, THANK YOU for all the amazing memories! If you have any questions that are not addressed here, feel free to submit them here.

Be sure to come see us before Nov. 5 … our beers will keep on pouring until then!