Dogfish Head 100-bbl Brewhouse Online

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Phase 4 is complete! As part of a multi-year plan, which will ultimately end in a 100,000+ square foot brewing facility with an attached pub - Dogfish Head Craft Brewery announces the completion of Stage 4 of the expansion of the Milton, Delaware brewery.

Phase 4 began in May 2006, with the completion of the 102,000 square foot building. Since then, we have installed a 100-bbl brewhouse The installation of the brewhouse was completed in the final days of 2006 - test batches began immediately! As of February, we are still in the testing phase and are concurrently running the 50-bbl brewing system that has been the primary brewery for the past four years.

In case you are just joining us....

Phase 1 - New Packaging Line (completed 6/05)

Phase 2 - New, Huge Warehouse (completed 1/06)

Phase 3 - Adding A Bunch Of Fermenting Tanks (last 10 tanks went online in 4/06)

Phase 4 - New Brewhouse installed (complete by 1/07)

Phase 5 - Milton Restaurant Added (who knows - maybe 2008?)