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Monday, August 28, 2006



"Let one of the beer industry's most irrepressible brewers lead you to extremes in your kitchen. Do try this at home - you"ll be glad you did." Michael Jackson, The Beer Hunter



"Let one of the beer industry's most irrepressible brewers lead you to extremes in your kitchen. Do try this at home - you"ll be glad you did." Michael Jackson, The Beer Hunter

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Extreme Brewing is author and brewer Sam Calagione's instructive and engaging tell-all on brewing one-of-a-kind craft beers.  Calagione is the founder and president of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, one of the fastest growing independent breweries in the United States, which has built a reputation for creating extraordinarily bold and daring beers.

"The craft beer segment, which is made up of roughly 1,400 small breweries and brewpubs, continues growing at an amazing rate," says Calagione.  "Last year, it accounted for 7.1 percent of the total US beer market, which essentially represents all new growth.  What's more, many craft brew enthusiasts are also home brewers.  I hope Extreme Brewing will be a valuable asset for this growing group of beer lovers and makers."

For this thriving homebrew audience, Calagione offers this stunning 176 page, recipe-driven resource.  Aspiring brewers who are interested in recreating specialty beers, but don't have the time to learn the in-depth science behind home-brewing are presented with a host of primarily malt-syrup based (the simplest brewing method) recipes, plus Calagione's detailed instructions for partial-grain brewing variations.  While recipes are included for classic ales and lagers, Extreme Brewing emphasizes the hybrid styles that have helped put his Dogfish Head's beers on the map.  Using fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices, readers can create their own unique flavor combinations for truly world-class beers.  In addition to these helpful detailed tips, Calagione will also offer readers complete pre-packaged kits for each of the book's recipes, which can be purchased through Extreme Brewing will be the first home-brewing book to extend this convenient service to its readers.

Extreme Brewing also includes Calagione's advice on presentation for when readers' brews are complete.  Tips include sensory evaluation, bottle selection and labeling. Calagione adds detailed information on food pairings, including recipes for beer infused dishes and fun ideas for themed dinners that allow the sharing of these tasty creations with family and friends.

Extreme Brewing highlights include:

- Recipes for homemade beer styles that are among the most popular today: Pumpkin Porter, Imperial Pilsner, a beer boiled with white-hot rocks, and more than 20 other exotic styles!

- Step-by-step instructions and insider tips for making never-before published recipes, guaranteeing a perfect batch every time.

- Recipes to accompany your brew as well as including them in the cooking process.

Sam Calagione is the founder and owner of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in Milton, DE, the nation's fastest growing independent brewery, and Dogfish Head Brewery and Eats in Rehoboth Beach, DE. His innovative style has earned him a reputation as one of America's most adventurous entrepreneurs and brewers. For the past two years, Dogfish Head is the only American brewery to have been added to the Inc. 500, a list of the fastest growing private companies in America. The Small Business Association has named him Businessman of the Year. He is the author of Brewing Up a Business: Adventures in Entrepreneurship from the Founder of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery (Wiley 2005- paperback to be released in September 2006.) He has been featured in Wall Street Journal, USA Today, People, Forbes, Bon Appetit, Time, and many other magazines and newspapers. He lives in Lewes, DE.

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Extreme Brewing, by Sam Calagione

Quarry Books

Release Date: November 2006

$24.99 paperback

ISBN: 1-59253-293-4

176 pages

200 color photographs