Cheers to 25 years … and our new Dogfish Head book!

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

*UPDATE: Team Dogfish is now putting the finishing touches on our book, and due to the complexities of this Covid moment in the publishing world, our publisher has decided it's best to push the release back to Spring 2021 and we agree. We'll be sharing a final release date on our website and social once it's clearly in sight. Please 'beer' with us!*

It was on this day in history, 25 years ago, that Dogfish Head became Dogfish Head and we opened our doors to become the first brewpub in the first state … not to mention one of the smallest commercial breweries in America, producing just 12 gallons of beer per brew to share with the good folks of Rehoboth Beach, Del.!

Fast-forward to today, and we’re celebrating our 25th anniversary and producing nearly 250K gallons of beer per week with our off-centered ales being enjoyed by off-centered people from coast to coast. How the heck did that happen?!

Well, thanks to our latest venture into the world of publishing, we’re here to give you a peek behind the curtain with the release of The Dogfish Head Book: 25 Years of Off-Centered Adventures!  Available for pre-order now, this design-centric page-turner is a colorful and storyful account of our 25-year history, written by Dogfish Head founder & brewer Sam Calagione, Dogfish Head co-founder & communitarian Mariah Calagione, and longtime co-worker & Dogfish Inn INNkeeper Andrew C. Greeley.

Presales available NOW at Browseabout Books, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, PorchlightWiley, and Amazon.

What began as a small, homespun brewery selling food and beer exclusively within the walls of our Rehoboth brewpub, has since welcomed beer lovers and adventure seekers alike from all over the world. From The Dogfish Head Book: 25 Years of Off-Centered Adventures, you’ll gain an understating of the 'how & why' behind our growth and success through heartfelt stories of Sam, Mariah and Andrew’s trials and accomplishments. Chock full of wisdom, entertainment and a whole lot of timeless lessons learned – everything from memorabilia and co-worker-told tales to the brewery’s business philosophy and 'Rules of Thumb,' The Dogfish Head Book: 25 Years of Off-Centered Adventures is a living guide to both work and play, done the Dogfish way.

“Writing The Dogfish Head Book: 25 Years of Off-Centered Adventures alongside Andrew and my wife, Mariah, was an amazing experience – and props to our Creative Director, Paul Thens, and the rest of the design team for making the book’s photos look as tasty as our beers,” says Sam. “We shared so many wonderful memories about our journey together to create and develop Dogfish Head into what it is today, and I could not be more thankful for their help bringing this new book, and the brand as a whole, to life. When we first opened Brewings & Eats and were hand-bottling all our beers, I never imagined that Dogfish Head’s off-centered ales would one day be distributed to all 50 states, let alone that our name would be known by craft beer and spirits aficionados world-wide. It is astonishing and truly humbling.”

From day one, we’ve been committed to brewing the majority of our recipes outside the Reinheitsgebot using all-natural, culinary ingredients sourced both locally and from around the world, and that spirit rings true to this day.

“I’m very proud that we as a community of co-workers have achieved this 25th anniversary milestone, and I’m especially happy because I get to spend this exceptional day doing what I love most – hanging out with our brewers, trying experimental beers and spirits together, and saying hello and thanks to customers who have ventured to our brewpub here in Rehoboth.” Says Sam. “Without all our passionate and talented co-workers, both past and present, and our customers who have championed our cause alongside us, Dogfish Head would be nothing more than a dream. Yes, we could still brew ‘Off-Centered Ales’ in a little corner of a beachside restaurant, but without having ‘Off-Centered People’ to enjoy them with, there would really be no point. So, grab a beer … cheers to 25 years past and many more to come!”