5 Tips for Cocktail Creating from Our Bartenders to You

Friday, December 01, 2023

It’s #NationalBartenderDay, and our coworkers that craft unreal, off-centered cocktail goodness, are passing along their bartender tips. So, from our bartenders to you, here’s 5 tips for creating cocktails to help brighten your own bar carts this holiday season!  


Chesapeake & Maine

“Pay attention to the details: the right amount of ingredients, the right glass, the right ice and the right garnish.” 



Brewings & Eats 

“Never shake your whiskey!” 



Brewings & Eats 

“It sounds cliché, but my tip would be, don’t forget to have fun! When you’re having fun back here, doing what you’re doing, it’s a feeling that’s felt on both sides of the bar. It can make or break your mental and make or break the experience that the person on the other side is having when they come to you for a beverage. So, for me, it’s very important to maintain that, within reason, as best you can.” 



Milton Brewery 

“If you’re making drinks, you probably know that there’s basic ingredients. You need sugar, citrus, booze (of course), ice and maybe even a little bit of water. But, what’s the most important visually is the garnishing. Garnishes not only give a visible attribute to your drink, but it gives an aromatic attribute to your drink.” 



Dogfish INN 

“My bartender tip, is that anyone’s a bartender with a canned cocktail.” 


Happy cocktail making! And to the bartenders slinging drinks behind a bar, at home or anywhere else, here's to you. Cheers!