2017 Beer Release Calendar

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for … it’s time to share our 2017 Beer Release Calendar!

We’ve got some big things planned for 2017, so let’s just dive right in!

Year Round

These are the beers we’ll be making throughout the year so you should have no trouble tracking them down with ease. These include…

60 Minute IPA
     You can now find our continually hopped super-fantastic East Coast IPA in bottles and cans! 
90 Minute IPA
Flesh & Blood IPA
     This honest to goodness IPA was such a hit in 2016 we’ve brought it on full time, and now in cans!
SeaQuench Ale
     A session sour quencher that’s perfect for any occasion, we also made this one a full timer you can find in cans! 
Namaste White
Indian Brown
Palo Santo Marron
     - You’ll notice a new look on the outside, but the same great brew on the inside.
Burton Baton
     Same as Palo, Burton Baton is sporting a new look on the outside, same tasty beer in the bottle!
Midas Touch


Next up, beers brewed specifically to complement the season. You’ll find…

- Beer To Drink Music To ’17 - Spring
     A liquid soundtrack for welcoming warmer weather, this blonde ale is a music-inspired tropical mashup brewed with kiwi juice and hibiscus flowers, and releasing just in time for Record Store Day! 
Romantic Chemistry - Summer
     No longer our spring seasonal, Romantic Chemistry has shifted to the sweaty months. Brewed with mango, apricots and ginger, this one will see you through the heat!
Punkin Ale - Fall
     A fall classic, Punkin Ale remains steady with an early fall release.
- Liquid Truth Serum - Winter
     Our new winter seasonal, Liquid Truth Serum bucks the trend by adding NO HOPS during the kettle boil, but instead adding a huge and blissfully inefficient burst to the whirlpool. Just trust us.


These are some of our most sought-after beers. Everything from ageable ales to collaboration brews. If you don’t see one you’re looking for, no worries, it’ll be back in the rotation before you know it!

Olde School Barleywine - January-February
     Probably our most requested beer of 2016, it’s back!
Saison du BUFF - March-April
     A collaboration with our pals at Stone and Victory, it’s our turn to brew this beautiful beer.
120 Minute IPA - April-May and November-December 
     Not once, but twice for the Holy Grail for hopheads in 2017!
Festina Pêche - May-August
     While it’s no longer our summer seasonal, we just couldn’t get rid of this fan favorite. Releasing just in time to kick off the summer!
- Lupu-luaü IPA - July-August
     Originally an exclusive at our Rehoboth brewpub, this one was such a hit we had to bottle it. Brewed with organic coconut, dehydrated coconut water and an experimental hop variety, this one is an exploration of all-things hazy.
- Oak-aged Vanilla World Wide Stout - August-October 
     We took our World Wide Stout and aged it in our giant oak tanks, alongside some Madagascar vanilla beans. Drooling? ‘Cause we are.
Pennsylvania Tuxedo - October-November
     Our spruce-infused pale ale brewed in collaboration with Woolrich lives on! 

We're so excited for all that's in store for 2017 and we hope you are too. Start marking those calendars!