Dogfish Head founder and president Sam Calagione is at it again! Releasing a new book with Wiley Publishing titled Off-centered Leadership: The Dogfish Head Guide to Motivation, Collaboration & Smart Growth, Sam explores the power of collaboration in the business world and what happens when companies and co-workers stop competing and start collaborating.

Off-centered Leadership includes practical information and tips for entrepreneurs and leaders in all industries to apply to their own professional journeys, giving insight into the methods and approaches Dogfish has used to develop a rich and diverse brand and leadership team. Throughout the book Sam candidly reveals the rewards and challenges of growing Dogfish over the past 20 years.

Like any growing business leader, Sam realizes he has much to learn in his journey so he shares insights from his fellow co-workers in leadership roles and many revelatory interviews on leadership and collaboration with a range of accomplished, thought-provoking visionaries including Terri Kelly, CEO of W.L. Gore & Associates, Nick Brayton, President & CEO of Woolrich, and even the artist Will Oldham.

“In business, I believe there is good karma that comes with focusing on collaboration instead of competition” Sam says, “both within the organization and externally in the marketplace.”

Off-centered Leadership delivers a fresh and honest perspective on the counter-intuitive business model that proves how embracing collaboration and partnering with the competition can contribute to a business’ success. What started as a company basing decisions on the gut and whims of Sam himself, has evolved into a robust and company-wide strategic approach that has allowed us to stay creative and maintain our irreverent off-centered culture.