Split Pea & Ham Soup
$5 cup | $7 bowl
Crab Dip Mac & Cheese

Housemade Crab Dip, 60 Minute IPA Cheddar Ale Sauce, Old Bay, Micro Lemon Basil & Chive

Pork Tomahawk Chop

Grilled Tomahawk Pork Chop, Bourbon Barrel-aged Soy Glaze, Utica Greens, Rutabaga Purée



Barrel Honey Rum (80 Proof)

What you have here is a rum that is batch-distilled using a wash of grade A fancy molasses & our proprietary ale yeast. We barrel in charred American oak casks then lightly sweeten with a touch of honey for some sipping goodness.

Roasted Peanut Vodka (80 Proof)

What you have here is a peanut vodka bursting with roasty goodness. Batch-distilled using the same distillate as our scratch-made Analog Vodka, we redistill with whole roasted peanuts & lightly sweeten with a touch of honey & vanilla.

Analog Vodka (80 Proof)

Scratch-made using 100% brewers malt, Analog Vodka is crisp with viscous sweetness of caramelized sugar, malted barley & a cleansing minerality. A sipping vodka for whiskey drinkers.

Compelling Gin (88 Proof)

We redistill Analog Vodka with the peel & flesh of our favorite citrus along with a long list of beautiful culinary ingredients stolen from our brewpub kitchen. The result is a gin with bright citrus flavor, crisp juniper snap & lingering cinnamon warmth.

Whole Leaf Gin (90 Proof)

Applying the continual hopping process which has defined our hop-forward beers, we use Analog Vodka as the base & gently dose in lots of whole leaf hop goodness. The result is an earthy gin, with drying coolness, bursting with floral hop goodness - the IPA of spirits.

Explore Goodness Spirits Flight

Choose any 4 of the following scratch-made Dogfish Head spirit half shots: Analog Vodka, Compelling Gin, Whole Leaf Gin, Mixing Rum, Barrel Honey Rum & Roasted Peanut Vodka

Mixing Rum (80 Proof)

Our bartender's favorite mixing rum, the perfect canvas for building rum drinks from scratch. Batch-distilled using a wash of grade A fancy molasses and our proprietary ale yeast for subtly sweet goodness.



Melon Spritz

House-infused Honeydew Melon Whole Leaf Gin, St. Germain & Club Soda served on the rocks with a lemon twist. 

Pomegranate Mule

Analog Vodka, fresh-squeezed lime juice, Gosling’s Ginger Beer & pomegranate juice served on the rocks.

The Ginger, Not Mary Ann

Compelling Gin, giner-habanero simple syrup, fresh-squeezed blood orange juice & Romantic Chemistry IPA float served on the rocks.

Blood Orange Mimosa

Segura Viudas Cava with the addition of fresh-squeezed blood orange juice.

Bees Knees

This cocktail features our continually-hopped Whole Leaf Gin, shaken with fresh squeezed lemons, ice & local honey & then served up.

Dogfish Negroni

An off-centered twist on a classic, at its base is our bright & citrusy Compelling Gin, stirred with Campari & vermouoth, we serve in a rocks glass topped with 60 Minute IPA.

Naval Orange Crush

Our twist on a local favorite is 100% scratch made, starting with an infusion of Analog Vodka with freshly squeezed naval orange juice & topped with more fresh juice. (Try with fresh-squeezed ruby red grapefruit!)

Nutty Caucasian

Our off-centered take on a iced winter warmer featuring our Roasted Peanut Vodka, milk & Kahlua.

DFH Raspberry Mule

Our off-centered take on a Moscow Mule! Raspberry & ginger combine for a tasty summer cocktail!

The Wine Down

White wine & honeydew-infused Compelling Gin with the addition of fresh fruit topped with bubbles

Walk The Plank

Barrel Honey Rum & fresh mint syrup served on the rocks & topped with Burton Baton


Great Beginnings

Local Artisan Cheese Board

Local artisanal cheeses, 60 Minute IPA olives, fresh honeycomb, raisins on the vine, crispy lavosh 

House Baked Pretzel Bites

Served with truffle mustard & 60 Minute IPA white cheddar ale sauce

Roasted Garlic Hummus

Served with woodgrilled pita and 60 Minute IPA marinated greek olives

Fried Pickle Spears

Beer battered pickle spears and 60 Minute IPA truffle mustard

The Dogpile

Artichoke-spinach dip and melted mozzarella cheese covering pita wedges with diced tomatoes and green onions

Fried Point Judith Calamari

Lightly breaded & flash-fried, fennel, cherry tomato, SeaQuench Ale chimichurri

Spice-Rubbed Wings

Woodgrilled chicken wings served with goat cheese ranch

Crab & Corn Chowder

Hearty & satisfying – loaded with Maryland crabmeat, sweet corn & bacon 

$6 cup/$8 bowl

Leafy Greens

Pub Salad

Seasonal lettuces, grape tomato, carrot, cucumber, red onion, Midas Touch vinaigrette 

$6/$3 side
Caesar Salad

Romaine, parmesean cheese, herb crouton, creamy anchovy Caesar dressing

$6/$3 side
Top Your Salad
$5 Woodgrilled chicken, $7 Woodgrilled salmon, $10 Crab cake, $10 Woodgrilled Shrimp
Cobb Salad

Mixed greens, hard-boiled egg, red onion, grape tomatoes, Applewood smoked bacon, avocado & blue cheese crumbles served with your choice of goat cheese ranch or Midas Touch Vinaigrette



Woodgrilled Pub Steak

8oz. flat iron steak wood grilled to order with garlic smashed red skinned potatoes, seasonal vegetable & Indian Brown steak sauce

Fish and Chips

60 Minute IPA battered codfish, fresh-cut fries, housemade tartar sauce

Dogfish Head Crab Tacos

Cilantro-Lime Cabbage, Lump Crab, Chipotle Mayo, Chipotle Corn Salsa, Queso Fresco, Pickled Red Onion & Micro Cilantro served in Crispy Corn Tortillas

Crab Cake Entree

Two Maryland style crab cakes served with your choice of two sides, housemade tartar & grilled lemon



Midas Touch Coleslaw
60 Minute IPA White Cheddar Mac & Cheese
Fresh-Cut Fries
Mashed Potatoes
Seasonal Vegetable

Off-centered Pizzas

Hills Like White Elephants

Pesto, ricotta, spinach, mozzarella, fresh tomato, parmesan, fresh basil, balsamic reduction, red pepper flake

The Revolutionist

Red sauce, pepperoni, woodgrilled chicken, housemade mozz, provolone, arugula, olive salad

Alpine Idyll

60 Minute IPA braised mushrooms, fresh chevre, prosciutto, truffle oil, arugula, balsamic drizzle

The Happy Nonconformist

Start with our sumptuous rustic crust, mozzarella cheese and then choose your sauce (red sauce, basil pesto, or roasted garlic olive oil) and toppings:

$1 each Basil, beer-braised mushrooms, caramelized onions, pepperoni, arugula, spinach

$2 each Sliced fresh tomatoes, housemade mozzarella, grilled chicken

$3 Prosciutto, fresh chevre

Three Day Blow

60 Minute IPA white cheddar ale sauce, shredded beef short rib, beer braised mushrooms, caramelized onions mozzarella, thyme


Off-centered Burgers & Sandwiches

“No Basement at the Alamo” Burger

Housemade turkey burger, chipotle mayo, pepper jack cheese, grilled jalapeño & Indian Brown crispy fried onion straws on brioche

Woodgrilled Open Faced Meatloaf Sandwich

Pork, veal, beef & mushroom meatloaf, Vermont white cheddar served atop garlic smashed red skinned potatoes & grilled ciabatta with Indian Brown
gravy & crispy fried onion straws 

Crab Cake

Maryland crabmeat with Chesapeake seasoning served on a brioche bun with housemade tartar, lettuce, tomato, red onion & fresh-cut fries

The Indulgence Burger

Piled high with Wisconsin yellow cheddar, bacon stuffed onion ring, more cheese and served with fresh-cut fries

DFH Pub Burger

Angus Burger, Red Dragon white cheddar with whole grain mustard and ale, red onion marmalade, arugula on brioche with fresh-cut fries

Build Your Own Burger!

$9 Beef

$9 Turkey, veggie, or chicken breast

$1 each Cheddar, pepper jack, American cheese, mushrooms, bacon, jalapeño, caramelized onions

Salmon Sandwich

Woodgrilled salmon served on a woodgrilled baguette with blue cheese, roasted garlic aioli, marinated onion salad and fresh-cut fries

“Get Him to the Greek” Burger

Wood-grilled lamb & chorizo burger, goat cheese feta, cured tomatoes, shaved red onion & arugula with cucumber tzatziki on brioche

All burgers & sandwiches come with your choice of Fresh-Cut Fries or Midas Touch Coleslaw

$2 Substitute Baby Side Pub/Caesar Salad for all sandwiches | $4 Substitute Cup Chowder

Kid Friendly

Kid's burger

Local farm-raised hamburger or cheeseburger. Served with fresh-cut French fries, carrot sticks or sliced apples with caramel yogurt.

Kid's pasta

Served with melted butter and parmesan cheese or red sauce



Whole-wheat pita pizza

Cheese, pepperoni or peanut butter and honey

Mini whole-wheat corn dogs

Mini all-beef hot dogs wrapped in whole-wheat corn bread. Served with fresh-cut French fries, carrot sticks or sliced apples with caramel yogurt.

Whole-grain chicken tenders

Organic chicken tenders coated with a whole-grain breading and served with honey. Served with fresh-cut French fries, carrot sticks or sliced apples with caramel yogurt.



Blood Orange Semolina Cake

Blood Orange Cake, Blood Orange Sorbet, Cardamom Glass, Blood Orange Mousse & Flesh and Blood Reduction

Bacon Ice Cream Sandwich

Indian Brown Ale Chocolate Brownie, Bacon Ice Cream and Candied Bacon

Cake Pops

Chocolate, Funfetti and Strawberry Cake Pops Coated in white Chocolate and Sprinkles