Dogfish Head Brewery Expansion - Stage 4 Begins!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Phase 4 has begun! As part of a multi-year expansion, which will ultimately end in a 100,000+ square foot facility - Dogfish Head Craft Brewery announces a continued expansion of the Milton, Delaware brewery.

Phase 4 began in May 2006, with the completion of the 102,000 square foot building. Now, the fun begins! Inside the final part of the building to be completed we will be installing our 100-bbl brewhouse (and yes, the existing 50-bbl brewhouse is sticking around for now). Check our progress here! We will also have space in the new section to eventually add a full-service restaurant overlooking the tanks of the brewery!

In case you are just joining us....

Phase 1 - New Packaging Line (completed 6/05)

Phase 2 - New, Huge Warehouse (completed 1/06)

Phase 3 - Adding A Bunch Of Fermenting Tanks (last 10 tanks went online in 4/06)

Phase 4 - New Brewhouse to be installed (estimated complete by 12/06)

Phase 5 - Milton Restaurant Added (who knows - maybe 2007?)