Big thanks to our lead Dogfish Dash sponsor, Speakman!

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Can you believe it ... the Dogfish Dash is now in its 11th year?! After 11 years and over $399,000 raised, we're still proud and excited to continue our support of Delaware nature by working with our partner, The Nature Conservancy, DE Chapter.

This year we are especially excited to help The Nature Conservancy in their efforts to improve water quality and promote water conservation programs. In keeping with all-things water, the theme of the Dash this year will focus on none other than ... water! Each of us is made up of water, the planet is mostly water, and water is an uber important and major ingredient in beer, so it only makes sense to do our part to use it responsibly, keep it clean and ensure there is plenty of it for the future.

With H2O in the spotlight, we're thrilled to have Speakman on-board as our Lead Sponsor for this year's Dogfish Dash! Dedicated to designing products that deliver water perfectly, Speakman is on a mission to save a billion gallons of water in 2016! How though? Speakman has built a powerful shower head that delivers the same pressure you've come to expect day in and day out, all while using 20% less water ... pretty cool, right?

We thought so, which is why you'll not only will you find Speakman at this year's Dogfish Dash, you'll find them in each of our showers at the Dogfish Inn. You too can #MakeYourShowerCount!

We're a little over two weeks out from the Dogfish Dash - get in those extra miles, rest up and drink lots of water!!

See you soon!