Dogfish Head Miami

Goodbye, Miami –

To our amazing regulars, incredible co-workers, and friends that have traveled near and far to visit us … THANK YOU! We had a restless desire to explore new waters and really did swim into a wonderful adventure. Unfortunately, that adventure has come to an end as we have permanently closed our Miami location as of Nov. 5, 2022.

With our lease coming to an end, coupled with significant rent increases, we made the very difficult business decision to close our doors. We’ll greatly miss the community – it’s one of creativity with a deep passion for art, music and diverse culture, and we feel incredibly lucky to have spent time in the Wynwood neighborhood.

Our beers & canned cocktails will still be on taps and shelves throughout south Florida, so is this really goodbye? There are more memories to be made, so be sure to visit us in coastal Delaware when you get the chance. Until then … keep drinkin’ the good stuff!


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