Dogfish Head Miami Coming Later This Year

Dogfish Head Miami ... COMING LATER THIS YEAR!!

With a restless desire to explore new waters, we’re swimming south for our next great adventure. From our coastal Delaware roots to the creative energy that rings throughout Miami ... here comes Dogfish Head! After a short (but sweet!) residency with our friends at Concrete Beach Brewery we realized just how much we love the Wynwood neighborhood ... not to mention how much we havein common. From the community’s focus on self-expression and creativity, to the deep passion for art and music, it all just felt right. So, when Concrete Beach decided to close their Social Hall, we thought, “Hey! Let’s bring even more off-centered goodness south!” We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us, but we’re so excited for this next chapter and to do it arm-in-arm with our Concrete Beach familia, Wynwood community, and beer lovers across Miami!