Randall 4.0Randall 4.0Randall 4.0Randall 4.0Randall 4.0

*Preorder only. Each order takes approximately 8 weeks to build out.*

The Randall 4.0  can provide years of service and hoppyness. Attach and use it to concoct off-centeredly infused ales.

Randall 4.0 has an inline infuser to be used with whole hops, fruit, whole spices, etc to add desired flavors &
aromas to beer.  It is comprised of the inline infuser, a beer pump for optimizing flow to the faucet, & a cooling device like a coil in ice or a glycol cooled heat exchanger to cool the beer on the way to the faucet. It includes an adjustable, compensating beer faucet to allow the user to dial in the flow for best quality & volume of beer flow for pouring the perfect pint.

We include an adapter which allows the user to attach the Randall to a standard US beer shank on a dispensing tower. Alternately, the Randall could tie into existing beer lines or be run from a keg. 

Downloadable Manual

Unfortunately, we are not able to sell or ship the Randall 4.0 to residences/businesses in Texas or Internationally.

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