Randall 3.0Randall 3.0 2

The Randall 3.0 can provide years of service and hoppyness. Attach and use it to concoct off-centeredly infused ales.

Randall 3.0 has two chambers: the first chamber (at the inlet) is the infusing chamber (this chamber is filled with hops, spices, etc.); The second chamber (at the outlet) is the de-foaming chamber. Foam generated by the interaction of beer and hops settles out in the second chamber allowing you to dispense the perfect pint.The second chamber also has an outer tube for holding ice. This keeps the beer cold and carbonated between pours.Randall 3.0 also features an adjustable dispensing faucet. This faucet is needed to balance the draught dispensing system back-pressure, minimizing foaming. This is particularly useful on long-draw (high-pressure) draught systems or when dispensing beers made with significant quantities of wheat in the recipe.

Unfortunately, we are not able to sell or ship the Randall 3.0 to residences/businesses in Texas or Internationally.

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