Dogfish Head Run Club Challenge: Shark Attack!


Dogfish Head Run Club ambassador, Shalane Flanagan, is back to kick off our new series of Dogfish Head Run Club challenges starting with the ‘Shark Attack’ challenge! With the help of your GPS, we want to see how close you can get to replicating our iconic shark logo on your running route - don't be afraid to get creative! This challenge starts today Friday, 9/25 and ends Friday, 10/9! Our 3 top 3 favorites will receive an awesome Patagonia 9 - so lace up, get out there, and have some fun with this! To enter, follow the instructions below:

  1. Download the free Strava app if you haven’t already – you’ll need it to track and submit your entry.
  2. Using the Strava app, go for a run and “draw” your best shark, then save your activity when you’re done. When complete, it will show up in your “My Activities” feed.
  3. Drop your entry into this handy form by Tuesday, 10/13!
  4. We’ll announce the winners on Strava and Facebook on Friday, 10/16!

For full Terms & Conditions, check out this link: