Dogfish Head Run Club Challenge: How Low Can You Go?

Dogfish Head Run Club ambassador, Shalane Flanagan, is back with the last #DFHRunClub Challenge of 2020! This time around we want you to set the biggest personal record you can, and show us how low you can go! On Day 1 run the official “race” distance — 1.8 miles (gotta keep it off-centered). Run that same distance as many times as you want over the contest period (11/13/20-12/11/20), and the person who drops the most time wins! Ready to end 2020 on a high … er, low note? The first-prize winner will win a Holiday Gift Pack (Dogfish Head Tote, Winter Hat, Sweatshirt, Pennant, and Candle), and 5 runners-up (no pun intended!) will win a Dogfish tee, a pair of Slightly Mighty socks and a Dogfish hat! 

  • Download the free Strava app if you haven’t already – you’ll need it to track and submit your entry.
  • Using the Strava app, run the official race distance of 1.8 miles then save your activity when you’re done. When complete, it will show up in your “My Activities” feed. Continue to track your 1.8 mile runs throughout the contest to see how low you can drop your run time!
  • Drop your entry (your first run & lowest-timed run) into this handy form by Monday, 12/14!
  • We’ll announce the winners on Strava and Facebook on Friday, 12/18!

For full Terms & Conditions, check out this link: