My band and I want to play at the brewpub ... please!?
We're constantly looking for new bands to storm the stage.  Shoot us an email at and we'll get the conversation rolling!

Do you take reservations?
We’re thrilled to hear you’re thinking of dining with us, but no our Rehoboth brewpub does not take any reservations as we operate on a first come first served basis. But, grab a brew at the bar, chat with old friends, and you’ll be chowing down before you know it!

What hours are you open?
We’re open 24 /7 … just not in a row. Get it? Get it? But seriously, we’re open 7 days a week from 12pm to 1am. The only time we shut her down is… Thanksgiving Day Christmas Day, Christmas Eve - close at 4PM, the Tuesday after Labor Day, Beer & Benevolence Day (TBD) and the evening of our annual holiday PARTAY (TBD) - close at 4PM.

I want to have a special event at DFH, is that possible?
Is that possible?  Pffffft—we’d love to be a part of your special moment!  We’ve got a great upstairs area just dying to show you everything it has to offer.  Shoot us an email at to get cracking.

What do you have on tap?
Funny you should ask—we happen to have a handy dandy list available.  Follow us here…

Can I purchase merchandise at the brewpub?
You betcha!  Most everything you see in our online store is available at our kiosk (just outside the entrance).  Because we’ve only got so much room, quantities may be slightly more limited, but it’s there!  Oh yeah, did we mention you can also purchase beer & spirits (at the kiosk or from the comfort of your table)?  We didn’t?  Well, you can.  Let’s get shopping!

I know you do growler fills, but does it have to be a DFH growler?
Get outta here, of course not!  We’ll take anything.  Well, we shouldn’t say anything.  It has to at least be a growler that has the government warning—no buckets, milk jugs, coffee containers, or other weird vessels.  While we’re here, we’ve got some tips for all things growlers. Check it out…

Do you offer tours of the brewpub?
Weird answer, kinda.  They’re not organized, meaning there’s no set schedule, but ask your server or grab a manager and we’ll do our best to show you the ins and outs of this well oiled operation.

Live music, what’s the deal with that?
It’s true, we have live music every Friday and Saturday night, year round.  And, even better, it’s free (unless otherwise noted).  You certainly don’t have to be 21 to enjoy the show, however, the bar is off limits—we mean it!  If you’re wondering what gigs are coming to town, we have a posting right up your alley…