I don’t see any beer in your online store—what gives?
Sadly, due to federal laws we’re not allowed—bummer, we know.

I want to return/exchange merchandise I ordered from you—help!
No worries, we can certainly make that happen! Just fill out the return/exchange form, pack it up, send it back, and we’ll take it from there. Don’t have a copy of the return/exchange form? Shoot us an email at orders@dogfish.com. A couple things to keep in mind though - all products must be returned in their original condition: unworn, unwashed and with a copy of the invoice and reason for return included within 30 days.

I just placed my order but forgot something, am I still able to add it?
We try to make this happen when we can. Unfortunately, there’s just no way to guarantee it. There are times when we’re inundated with a lot of these requests and we still have a relatively analog approach to our shipping. Best bet is to email orders@dogfish.com and see if it’s a possibility. If it’s not, can we still be friends?

I just got my order and something is broken/missing/wrong—now what?
First of all - yikes! Sorry about that! Secondly, send us a little message at orders@dogfish.com with your order number and a synopsis of what the dealio is. Cool?

Gift card shipping fee—are you for real?!
We know, we know. Unfortunately, we are passing on our UPS standard costs and we use UPS to ensure it makes it to you safely. If you’d like to take a chance, we can certainly send it to you through USPS, but if it gets lost, damaged or stolen, we cannot replace or refund it. If that’s what you would prefer, shoot us an email at orders@dogfish.com.

You’re out of my size and/or the item I want, when will you be getting it back in stock?
We do our very best to let you know when something is coming back, but we’re not perfect…yet.  If there is mention of an item retiring on the product page, sadly, it ain’t coming back.  If there’s no mention you can take comfort in knowing that it’s on order.  We may not be able to give an exact backorder date, but rest assured it’s in the works!