Dogfish Head? Where did that come from?
Believe it or not, our namesake is a place - a place that’s very near and dear to our founder and president Sam Calagione’s heart ... Dogfish Head, Maine! 

Do you have food at the brewery?
We’re so excited to answer that question - yes! Not just any food ... beer-centric food. Our Tasting Room & Kitchen serves up delectable treats that pair perfectly with our off-centered ales. Click here to learn more!

Do you do growler / crowler fills at the brewery?
We would love to send you home with some of our beer! Buy ours...bring yours.... we will fill it!

I want to take a tour of the brewery - Can I? Can I?
We sure do! Check the tours page for info.

Are you dog-friendly? 
Heck yeah, we are! Our four-legged fans are welcomed inside and outside at our Tasting Room & Kitchen, but not on our brewery tours, because … ya know, health codes and stuff. 

Can we bring someone who is under 21? 
You sure can! Our guests under 21 are welcomed at our indoor/outdoor tables and merchandise shop, but the bar is off-limits! 

Can I have a private event at the tasting room?  
We’d love that! Shoot us an email at so we can hook it up! 

Do you offer curbside pick-up? 
We sure do! Our Tasting Room & Kitchen at our brewery in Milton Delaware offers curbside pick-up Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday from 12 to 7 p.m. Folks can choose from a slew of our pre-packaged beer and spirits, our off-centered eats, as well as growlers and crowlers fills of our draft beers. Click here to place an order