I have allergies ... can I still drink Dogfish Head beer?

We often get questions about allergies, special diets and more in relation to our beers. We can’t always answer specifics, but we can give you some of our most talked about allergies…

Our beers that DO contain wheat as a recipe ingredient….

Raison D’Etre
Palo Santo Marron
Red & White
Black & Blue
Festina Peche
Namaste - (raw wheat and wheat)
Saison Du Buff
Bitches Brew
Noble Rot
Positive Contact
Ta Henket
Liquid Truth Serum IPA
Alternate Takes 2,4,5,6
Beer to Drink Music To 2017
Lupu-Luau IPA
Raison D'Extra

The following beers contain ingredients you may wish to know…

American Beauty - Oats
Birra Etrusca - Hazelnut flour
Chicory Stout - Oats
Indian Brown - Corn
Sah’tea - Rye flakes
Theobroma - Corn
Positive Contact - Oats
Liquid Truth Serum IPA - Oats
Beer for Breakfast - Scrapple (meat), Oats, Lactose
Lupu-Luau IPA - Coconut
Pennsylvania Tuxedo - Rye
Puddin’ Wine - Hazelnuts

We also have beers containing dextrose, a corn derived sugar…

Burton Baton
120 Minute IPA
World Wide Stout
Black & Blue
Olde School Barleywine
Hellhound On My Ale
Red & White
Flesh & Blood IPA
Pennsylvania Tuxedo
Raison D'Extra

I see you have an “Ageable Ales” series—what in the world?When it comes to aging beer, it's all about will power and preference! Certain beers will always age slightly better than others. There are people who can’t wait 5 minutes to drink the beer and there are others who wait 5 years. We have a selection of beers just dying for you hold on to them - 120 Minute, Immort Ale, Olde School Barleywine and World Wide Stout. Their higher ABV allows them to stand the test of time. There’s no rule that says you have to hold on to ‘em, but we like to think it’s a fun little experiment. Follow us here for a few more tips about hanging on to these brews.

I’m gluten free—whatcha got?
We used to proudly answer, “Tweason’ale!” Unfortunately, this one isn’t on the release calendar and we’re not exactly sure just when we’ll be bringing it back. So for now, we’ve got nothin’

Is there a "best by" freshness date on your packages?
We do not have a ‘best by’ date on our bottles, but we DO have a 'bottled on' date on each and every bottle of Dogfish Head Beer. As a guide, we recommend enjoying our lower ABV (alcohol by volume) beers (5-9%) within 3-6 months of bottling. The higher ABV beers (10+%) are ideal for aging, if you enjoy the mellowing characteristics aging can lend a high ABV beer.

Exporting-- do you do it?!
So you’re looking for some DFH. Well, unfortunately, at this time we do not export any of our beer. We know it’s hard to hear, it’s hard to say! Our demand is so far in front of our supply that right now we need all the beer we are brewing for the U.S. market. Some day … we hope.

Can you please, please, please ship me beer?
Ship beer you say? Unfortunately, due to federal law we cannot ship to individuals, however, there are some online distributors that carry our products - (www.halftimebeverage.com), (www.bruisin-ales.com), and countless others. We are not affiliated with them and it does vary state by state (not sure about country), but you may be able to find what you’re looking for. Good luck with your search and keep drinking the good stuff!

I can’t get Dogfish in (insert your state here)…any plans to change that?
You can currently find our beer in 42 states. If your state isn't one of them and you'll be traveling sometime soon, check out the Fish Finder at www.dogfish.com (you can search for our beers by zip code), bringing up all retailers in the area. Boom, instant access to DFH!

When is (insert favorite beer) going to be released? I need it, seriously.
We’ve got a handy lil' release calendar just waiting to fill you in. It’s difficult for us to dial in exact dates, but the release calendar will at least you know the month - it’s a start!