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To say that we're a bit inspired by music here at Dogfish might be an understatement. From the shenanigans of our beer-geek-hip-hop band The Pain Relivaz, to the beer brewed in honor of Sony Legacy artists Miles Davis & Robert Johnson to our vinyl record swap & cask beer fest Analog-A-Go-Go... music is in our blood (or should we say beer?)! That doesn't even touch the fact that we've been hosting live, original music at our Rehoboth Beach, DE brewpub every Friday & Saturday night since we opened back in 1995 (here's the list of upcoming shows).

So we thought that we'd share this little ditty by our musician/artist/beer-lovin' friend Jon Langford. Listen, enjoy, and let it get stuck in your head while enjoying a beer!

99 Bottles by dogfishheadbeer