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It's back!  The long-awaited return of Theobroma is upon us!  Available at the Milton brewery starting today.  2 bottle limit per person.  $12 per bottle.  Also, it's Festina Fest!  Festina Peche is on sale for $29 per case, just in time for the ...


Happy Fourth of July!If you are hitting the beach and planning a visit this weekend, we wanted to give you a few tidbits about our holiday schedule.First off, the brewpub will be open starting at noon each and every day. They'll be ...


So this past Saturday at 10:30 AM I picked my four and a half year old son up from a friend's house after a sleep over. I convinced my wife that I should do the grocery shopping with him so it would: A. Get done and B. leave time for the rest of ...


May and June have been rather big months for us down here in slower lower Delaware with May marking the biggest sales month in the history of the company. We launched our summer seasonal Festina Peche. We shipped another incredible batch of ...


The American Homebrewer's Association annual conference in Oakland this past week was a huge success and a whole lot of fun. Highlights for me included a bus trip with 50 homebrewers where we visited 3 breweries and drank 40 different beers ...