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Extreme Beer Fest: Name Our Beer Competition What's in a beer name? You tell us. BeerAdvocate (BA) and Dogfish Head Craft Brewery (DFH) once again challenge the ...


Santy, get yer butt in gear (Dogfish gear, to be more precise)! Hey 60 Minute fans, you've been asking for a new 60 Minute-specific tee, so here it is! Harkens us back to ...


This Friday marks the triumphant return of the Fleshtones to the pub in Rehoboth. This legendary garage band has been rocking clubs and arenas since the seventies and still puts on a show that can't be matched. The band will start the show at 100 ...


The much anticipated arrival of Life and Limb, the collaboration brew between Dogfish Head and our good friends at Sierra Nevada has finally arrived at the Rehoboth Beach brewpub!!! It is being loaded into our cooler as I type this. We will be ...


As you can tell by my dreadful lack of posts, we have been super busy making beer. Black Thai was a success in that Butch, the man behind the original concept for the beer, stated one night between sets at a Big Fat Slim show, "Man, this is ...


Since we'll be celebrating our 15th year in 2010, we're kicking the year off in a big way - with 15 Beers For 15 Years! Our annual New Year's Eve beer dinner will include 15 different Dogfish Head beers - including aged vintage versions - ...