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What do you get when you mix a handful of Dogfish coworkers, several bunches of yarn and an assortment of needles...one heckuva good time, that's what. Today we kicked off the first of many future Knit-A-Long Little Dogfishies with our Compliance ...


I am off to the national convention of the MBAA which is being held in Palm Springs this year. This convention offers great opportuniy to network with brewers from all segments of the brewing industry, all of whom can offer great insight into the ...


So, maybe it's not truly an archeological dig, but we've certainly been unearthing ye dust of olde in preparation for our move to our new offices, new lab and just plain old new digs at the Dogfish. Team Admin has been up to our eyeballs in ...


Records were broken all over the place during the 2009 Dogfish Dash! More runners than ever. More money raised than ever. More fun had than ever. More rain fell than ever. Wow!


This weekend I was delighted to join many of my amazing brewery and brewpub coworkers in support of our Dogfish Dash!  At it's heart, Dogfish Dash is an annual event where running-types come out in support of the Nature Conservancy.  But, for a ...


Aaahh, summer is winding down here in Southern Delaware, but you wouldn't know it here at Dogfish! Tours are still packed almost every day. It is absolutely the most beautiful time of year to come, though, so just be sure you make your reservation ...