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Our 2010 Dogfish beer release schedule has been posted... and we have some exciting news! In addition to the 23 Dogfish beers we released in 2009... we have a few new ...


when out popped dear old santy claus! as if today couldn't get any better...it did! not only does the brewery have the mostest goodest coworkers ever, but their itty bitty ones must be pretty good, too,cause the jolly ole elf himself dropped by ...


today was yet another great day to be a member of the dogfish family! it marked the 2009 installment of our holiday pot luck luncheon. and boy can our coworkers deliver some yummy homemade treats. nick benz, our c.o.o. (pronounced c. uh. oh.) ...


It's cold outside. A little too cold, if you ask me. Thank goodness we have the new Chicory thermal shirt to keep us warm around here. Its got great ...


Over 600 entries were submitted out of a possible 3,000 or so EBF attendees. Now it's time for the BA community and friends to vote for the final beer name! (Please note that final label use is dependent on TTB approval.)


Fancy yourself a filmmaker? Wanna shoot a short film, get lots of glory, cash prizes and a trip to Austin, TX for its big screen premiere? Well, you've got to enter the 2010 ...