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Ah, a new year. And around here, that means a new tap handle! Yes, the 2010 Dogfish Head tap handle is here and available for you to add to your ...


Red & White, the first Occasional Rarity release for 2010 will start hitting the shelves beginning February 1st. The beer began shipping to wholesalers this week. Want to make sure you get your hands on some? Then get to our Milton ...


The generosity of the Dogfish community shines again! A few weeks back, we reported that two of our co-workers who hailed from Haiti were in need of support after the devastating earthquake (see original post below). Although they are both settled ...


It's Official! "Wrath of Pecan" Wins BA/DFH Extreme Beer Fest Competition As many of you following the poll on Beer Advocate might have guessed, "Wrath of Pecan" has won the BeerAdvocate & Dogfish Head Name Our Extreme ...


each year at dogfish we maintain a strong committment to enhance the benefits that we provide to our talented band of coworkers. this year we were pleased to announce the offering of company paid long term disability for all our full-time brewery ...


Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats will be temporarily be closing later this month for our annual freshening up! Fun and exciting projects this year include a new roof for the building, a new floor for the kitchen and some structural ...