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Hey! Today is the day for Namaste (I only do yoga on Wii Fit like everyother week). I plan to take a bunch of pictures and stuff so check my facebook page tomorrow. I ...


As spring begins to give in to summer and the days get longer, things are happening at the pub.  This week is the beginning of restaurant week in Rehoboth.  Local restaurants are serving three course menus for the price of either $20 or $30 each.  ...


Our friends, Belgian brewer/blender Armand and his wife Lydie Debelder, recently suffered a heart wrenching production set-back at their brewery 3 Fonteinen. A brewery thermostat broke and as a result, excessive heat ruined about 100,000 bottles of ...


What's on tap this week at the pub.  We are enjoying the Pale India Ale, a 6% abv Biere de Garde that has great flavor and aroma from spices like fenugreek, cardamom and garam masala.  We are also going to be tapping another cask of Johnny Cask 75 ...


What makes for an Off-Centered Cinco De Mayo? Two things: have it at the Dogfish and hold it on May 15. Come to think of it, this actually makes my post a whole lot more timely than it would seem. That's right, last week we ...


Seems like a flurry of Occasional and hard-to-find Dogfish is hitting the shelves and taps in the next month or so. Since we sometimes stray from our 2009 Release Schedule (hey, we're off-centered) Here's a preview for you!