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Awright, awright! We hear ya! You needed more Dogfish Gelaskins to fit the multitudes of celluleashes out there, so we brought in three more: iTouch,


**Update: as of 4/19/10, more than 350 people are already registered for the 2010 Dogfish Dash! Remember - we will close registration when we hit 1500 runners (or on Sept. 1st), so register early. No fooling - the registration for the 2010 ...


On Monday we had a meeting on the site of the new Eataly in New York City. Mike from JVNW - the folks who are building our 3.5 bbl brewhouse and 7 bbl unitanks - came in from the west coast.


Yesterday, In headed up to Philadelphia to meet up with Colonial brewing expert Rich Wagner. He and I brewed a spruce and molasses beer together on his traditional period brewing equipment. We had a blast!


We have some winners! Three, to be precise (but we're all winners here aren't we?). Back in December, we asked aspsiring film-makers to shoot & submit short films for the 2010 Off-Centered Film Fest brought to you by us and the great ...


Spring is just around the corner. You can feel it in the air... and here at Dogfish, that means one thing: Aprihop! It also means a new series of 4 original artist prints for 2010, beginning with