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no wonder there's so much blogging about our newly regrown treehome; it's pretty sweet! our coworkers have been super excited the last couple of week's watching its progress as it grew from pieces of metal that, with a lot of love and artistry, ...


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 6/30/2010 We're pleased to announce our upcoming 'Bayou At The Beach,' a summer music series featuring five great live shows to benefit Wilmington, Delaware's 'Light Up The Queen Foundation.' Our Thursday ...


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 6/30/2010 If you haven't noticed, we've really been stepping it up at the little ole brewery inside our Rehoboth Beach brewpub recently. The brewpub is our home base, where Dogfish Head was founded back in ...


It's just about July, and it's getting steamy here at Dogfish! Or steam-punky, to be more precise. This week marked the milestone of the completion of the Steampunk Treehouse here at the brewery (see pics below). Sean Orlando and his crew of ...


I'm on a train. I'm on a mutha cussin train... heading to New York City where the film 'Beer Wars' will be screened as part of NYC Food & Film fest tonight. I'm looking forward to seeing ...


why are our brewery folk looking all doe eyed and what not? alison's beach beer and a big ole scoop of vanilla ice cream, that's why.yep, this monday is the return of our coworker beach beer ice cream float social. but that's not to say, you, too, ...