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There isa lot of great stuff happening at the pub and the official holiday shopping season hasn't even started. This weekend a lot of happenings are on tap at the brewpub. Starting Friday night November 19, 2010 we have none other than Jon Langford ...


So, the good news is that the tests we have been running to dial in the 120 Minute IPA recipe are showing great progress! A couple weeks ago we sat ...


So tomorrow's gonna totally kickass! We are full on brewing a beer that represents the pub in its entirety. We had some meetings to discuss flavor ideas, make some decisions, and do some math. Well, the recipe is set and ...


Hey guys! We have two new pub exclusives as of yesterday. Spicy China, a witbier with exotic peppercorns and Chet's Nuts, a mild ale brewed with a whole bunch of smoked italian chestnuts are in the rotation on the beer engine. Yesterday we ...


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 11/11/2010 We have a new and improved Fish Finder page! Previously, our Fish Finder was a map comprised of user-generated ...


Shooting stuff in Tucson today with Mike Rowe over a wonderful pint of Sierra Nevada Kellerweiss.