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I just got back from NYC for meetings with my homies at Eataly. This photo is of me, Nicola (he runs the joint) and Riva (she is running the brewpub build-out project on the roof for Mario and Joe).


We're excited to share the news that our artist collaboration for the 2011 Dogfish Seasonal Screenprint Series is with Baltimore-based Dave Plunkert. Dave caught our ...


So when we moved into our Milton, DE building back in 2002, one of the first things we did was post a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson about non-conformity on the wall. Many of you who paid us a visit in the 2002-2009 time frame stood under the quote ...


so last year was a stellar year for we in hr. we welcomed a whole boat load of stellar, amazingly, off-centered talented folks onto our dogfish teams. we averaged roughly one hire a week throughout the year, which was great, and kept us on our ...


Bryan, Floris and I are having a busy-fun day on the R & D brewery in our Rehoboth Brewpub today. We are brewing NOBLE ROT and we are transferring a beer called HARDTACK (the earlier name for this beer was DRINK ME). It's going into a port ...


Just before the holidays I got together with some pals from packaging and worked out the details of a brew that would best represent them. City, Scott, Eddie, and Lamarre brought some terrific ideas to the table and what we've ended up with is a 5% ...