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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 4/12/2011 We posted a query today on our Facebook ...


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 4/4/2011 The parking lot at Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats was a Framing Frenzy today. More than 100 Dogfish co-workers stepped away from the brewhouse, the bottling line and our kitchens today to support the ...


They say good things come in threes and I guess thats true as Dogfish Head Brewings and Eats has been recognized three times in almost as many weeks for things we do everydaywell almost every day. Our luck started with Chef Dennis winning a ribbon ...


Hello and happy almost Spring fellow off-centered beer enthusiasts. As we look back on last year from atop our uni-tanks here in Milton, Delaware we have much to be proud of and much to be thankful for. We recently learned that, over the ...


So it isn't officially Spring, but with our Spring beers hitting the shelves, it is close enough for us! Aprihop begins hitting shelves ...


Head Brewer, pain reliavah, and all round good pal Bryan Selders will be departing from Dogfish Head in mid-March. We're sad to see him go. Bryan has brought so much passion, talent, and creativity to dogfish in the nine years he has been part of ...