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so last year was a stellar year for we in hr. we welcomed a whole boat load of stellar, amazingly, off-centered talented folks onto our dogfish teams. we averaged roughly one hire a week throughout the year, which was great, and kept us on our ...


Bryan, Floris and I are having a busy-fun day on the R & D brewery in our Rehoboth Brewpub today. We are brewing NOBLE ROT and we are transferring a beer called HARDTACK (the earlier name for this beer was DRINK ME). It's going into a port ...


Just before the holidays I got together with some pals from packaging and worked out the details of a brew that would best represent them. City, Scott, Eddie, and Lamarre brought some terrific ideas to the table and what we've ended up with is a 5% ...


Happy New Year fellow beer enthusiast type people! We have so much good news to share and celebrate as we look back on 2010 here at Dogfish. Most important for us (and we hope for you as well): we produced and sold a greater variety of ...


Yesterday Jon, Bryan, and I are brewed at the pub. The first photo shows us mashing in the organic purple prairie barley from Tibetan seed stock. This beer will also feature sour cherries and rhodiola rosea - a bitter citrusy tree root also ...


We totally had a great time porking out last night at the Pork-a-Pa-Looza! I was super excited that my wife Ali was willing to give me ...