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This week we will have four pub exclusives on at one time. Sweet! The Shark beer and Tej are moving along and we still have a little left of those. On Wednesday, we will be tapping Bed Burglar, an amber ale brewed with a blend of four malts, two ...


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 10/7/2010 Fall is back, which means... your favorite seat at the barmight beopen, we have some great beers waiting in the fermentation tanks, and... it's beer dinner season! This time of year we begin our ...


So our friends at the Discovery channel just sent over this release about the TV show we've been working on with them... here's the latest from them: EXPERIENCING THE WORLD ONE PINT AT A TIME DISCOVERY CHANNEL RAISES A GLASS FOR BREW ...


...what a strange week. This week we made the final moves on two pub exclusives released today. At noon, we put Shark Beer out there. This is our wet hop beer for 2010. At the core, it's kind of a Kolsch. Where we lose that is how ...


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 9/27/2010 More than a thousand runners took to the streets of Milton on Sunday, September 26th raising $26,000 for The ...


Our local Egyptologist friend Rami, Dr Pat (that's Dr. Pat McGovern), and Iare in Egypt choosing the most delish spices and dried fruits for an ancient Egyptian ale. We'll bring home the right goodies and do a test batch at our Rehoboth ...