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Today Bryan, Jason, Todd (as in The Alstrom Brothers of Beer Advocate fame) and I are Brewing the Extreme Beer Fest in Rehoboth. Floris whipped up a batch of house-acidified Carapils that went ...


A few months back we did an experimental batch of a big hoppy dry IPA we called DFH Ale. We've sold it in and around our immediate home turf and we've all loved that beer (and so did many of you judging from the emails). Drier than 90 Minute IPA ...


We enjoyed a sweet Post-Holiday Hootenanny with all our co-workers this past weekend (apologies to any of you that tried to visit our Rehoboth Beach brewpub on Sat night - we were Hootenanny-ing)! With guests, we had 200+ off-centered ...


I just got back from NYC for meetings with my homies at Eataly. This photo is of me, Nicola (he runs the joint) and Riva (she is running the brewpub build-out project on the roof for Mario and Joe).


We're excited to share the news that our artist collaboration for the 2011 Dogfish Seasonal Screenprint Series is with Baltimore-based Dave Plunkert. Dave caught our ...


So when we moved into our Milton, DE building back in 2002, one of the first things we did was post a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson about non-conformity on the wall. Many of you who paid us a visit in the 2002-2009 time frame stood under the quote ...