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December is a big month for big beers here at Dogfish Head. Four favorites with 10% ABV or more are headed out our doors. This four-pronged release is so big, it's best expressed in schoolyard taunts.


Ta Henket, the latest addition to Dogfish Head's line of Ancient Ales, rolls out this month. Inspired by a trip to the Great ...


Last night our new pub brewer Ben heated the water for todays brew while I attended the first ever meeting of Dogfish book club.Mike in sales put this together and lead a discussion on our first book, Let The Great World Spin.A really good read ...


Wow did anyone see that? I think it was the Fall season flying by! Halloween snuck up on us and before we knew it, we were all sitting down somewhere to a Thanksgiving feast! But it didnt fly by without us having a good time at Dogfish, thats for ...


I recently had a sweet male bonding experience taking my 12 year old son Sammy to his weekend soccer tournament in Lancaster, PA. While the Amish folk in horse-drawn carts were probably underwhelmed by our decision to blast the Notorious B.I G., we ...


We're proud to announce that our original ancient ale, Midas Touch, has won a medal at Europe's largest beer competition, the