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Well, they're comin' through the walls as I write. . . more new construction is underway here at Dogfish.  They are busting through the wall of our tasting room at the moment, but never fear-- tours will go on!  Our normal main entrance is now ...


In the last couple of years we've formed a mutual admiration society with our brothers from another mother at Rogues Gallery (www.dandyrogue.com). They make super-comfy, super-rugged, unpretentious nautical-inspired clothing at their Portland Maine ...


It's official the renovations are finally complete at the pub....The finishing touch-Purse Hooks under the bar.  That's right you can now hang your purse under the bar at the Rehoboth Pub.  We are also serving Strawberry infused vodka.  Our spring ...


Johnny Cask is coming to the pub on Thursday March 26, 2009.  The long awaited arrival of the cask program will be unvailed at 7:50PM.  Join us and the folks in Philly, Boston and New York as we simultaneously tap 75 Minute IPA.  Lead Brewer Bryan ...


Well, it's official:  the Dogfish Head transformation has begun!  We have begun construction of our new offices, as well as adding 8 new 18,000 gallon outdoor tanks.  So tours are going to be changing rapidly-- depending what's new . . . what a ...


Another year of the Off-Centered Film Fest meant another great night of watching short films, drinking Dogfish beer and making tough decisions. The competition was fierce and the arm-wrestling was fun, but in the end we had three short films that ...