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What makes for an Off-Centered Cinco De Mayo? Two things: have it at the Dogfish and hold it on May 15. Come to think of it, this actually makes my post a whole lot more timely than it would seem. That's right, last week we ...


Seems like a flurry of Occasional and hard-to-find Dogfish is hitting the shelves and taps in the next month or so. Since we sometimes stray from our 2009 Release Schedule (hey, we're off-centered) Here's a preview for you!


Hey guys, I just started mashing in this year's Chateau Jiahu. After a one year hiatus, it's back. All of the honey and grapes and hawthorne fruit is lined up on the brewing deck and is ready to go. Before starting I took a look at the Sake yeast ...


The spicy beef tenderloin and local microgreen salad paired perfectly with our 90 Minute IPA at todays six-course ...


Well, now that we all spoiled our Moms rotten last weekend, it's time to start thinking about ol' Pop. Tough to buy for? Of course. Forget the tie and the power drill. Your Dad is so much cooler than that. ...


It's here! This glass is the result of a lot of folk's hard work. Our QA team specified what shape works best to enhance aroma and flavor. Sam, Mariah, Adam and I worked on aesthetics and finding something that felt really good in your ...