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Don't get our newsletter? Click here for the November issue. And (don't miss a thing!) click here to ...


Just in time for the turn in the weather... Dogfish starts kicking out our winter beers! We've sold out, but just like some lingering leaves of fall... you may find some


It's the local's secret... Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats is even better in the off-season! Why? Less bodies and more bargains!!! (okay, I may be stretching it to say 'better' ... I am all for the warm summer air, fun crowds ...


Our first monthly beer dinner of the season is behind us (local veggies - a huge hit... even for non veggie folks! One told me, "I wasn't even all that psyched for the vegetarian dinner, but it really blew me away - the food was fantastic and the ...


We're happy (and pretty proud) to let you know that Dogfish Head is prominently featured in the 11/24/08 Food Issue of The New Yorker in a fantastic (okay, maybe we're a bit biased) article about craft beer.We're happy (and pretty proud) to ...


It was a crazy three days in Denver, but the 2008 Great American Beer Fest was a great one! We had fun and we came home with medals - 3 of them! Red & White, Gold Medal, Specialty Beer Category Pangaea, Silver Medal, Herb and ...