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Thee Schedule

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Looking for one of our beers? A handful of them are available throughout the year, but many of our beers are released only once (or maybe a few) times each year. If you are looking for any of our beer, please check the Fish Finder for retailers.

Below is our 2015 Release Schedule (or you can download a nice, pretty version here)

And, if you're looking for the rest of 2014, don't fret. There's still a little time for a few of your favorites.

Year Round Beers

Seasonal Beers

Ancient Ales:

Music Series:

Strong Singles:

Special Releases:

Additional new beers planned for 2015?

  • Of course we do! -- We'll tell ya all about 'em when we're ready!

** Please note that we base our availability estimates with assumptions on when orders are placed and deliveries are made by our distributor and retail partners. We cannot guarantee retail dates for any of our beers. Please visit your favorite beer store, bar or restaurant for the latest on when they will have Dogfish beers available. To find any of our beers, please check the Fish Finder for specific retailers. Thanks and cheers!!