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Raison d'Extra

Original Release Date: 

Our popular Raison D'Etre, with a little extra. This immodest brew, made with an obscene amount of malt, brown sugar and raisins, takes Belgian-style browns to new heights.

Beer Activity

5 hours 24 min
1 week 2 days

Tim is drinking Raison D'Extra (2007)4.25

6 weeks 3 days

Mike B. is drinking Raison D'Extra (2007) at Buckspur RanchIf you're gonna be a monkey, be a gorilla. Sweet, syrupy, boozy raisin caramel bomb.

7 weeks 4 days

Colin Jordan is drinking Raison D'Extra (2007)Aged 7 years...too much

9 weeks 1 day
9 weeks 1 day

Burton Baton is drinking Raison D'Extra (2007)The Beer Closet...

USA 2 - POR 2

9 weeks 3 days
9 weeks 5 days

Josiah K. is drinking Raison D'Extra (2007) at Flower DeliBottle in March 2007, the seven years has definitely mellowed this out.

12 weeks 5 days
13 weeks 3 days
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