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Raison d'Extra

Original Release Date: 

Our popular Raison D'Etre, with a little extra. This immodest brew, made with an obscene amount of malt, brown sugar and raisins, takes Belgian-style browns to new heights.

Beer Activity

1 week 1 day

ryan hargrave is drinking Raison D'Extra (2007)Get on the booze cruise!! Thanks to By the Bottle for the vintage beer.

3 weeks 6 days

Mike Sheehan is drinking Raison D'Extra (2007) at House O' Sheahan7 year vintage for Mel and I's 7-year anniversary. Love ya. This is a big boozy beast, but it's not TOO hot. Lots of flavor and raisin.

5 weeks 20 hours

Christopher Calhoun is drinking Raison D'Extra (2007)God bless Paul Ellis Ayers!!! He gives the best beer gifts.

8 weeks 3 hours
8 weeks 1 day
9 weeks 3 days

Tim is drinking Raison D'Extra (2007)4.25

14 weeks 4 days

Mike B. is drinking Raison D'Extra (2007) at Buckspur RanchIf you're gonna be a monkey, be a gorilla. Sweet, syrupy, boozy raisin caramel bomb.

15 weeks 5 days
Join us at Pete's for a beer dinner featuring Dogfish Head including some of our Ancient Ales.
If there’s one thing we know about our Mug Club members here at the pub, it’s that they love their hops.  So for the 2014 Mug Club party we brewed a special batch of beer, an ode to the Hop Mo