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Brewed with ingredients from each and every continent, Pangaea is a slightly spicy ale with a mouthful of rich flavors. It's a great food beer.

Our list of worldly ingredients includes:

* Crystallized ginger from Australia

* Water from Antarctica

* Basmati rice from Asia

* Muscavado sugar from Africa

* Quinoa from South America

* European yeast

* North American maize

Pangaea comes in 750ml bottles.

In the video below, Sam talks about the inspiration behind the Pangaea project (while also managing to mention 'poop' and 'dinosaurs'). While we do realize that trying to bring the world together via ingredients in a beer bottle may not result in immediate and lasting world peace, we've gotta have goals!

See video
See video
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Who’da thunk that tiny little Milton, Del., would see indie rock greats Guided by Voices on stage at its historic — and freshly refurbished — downtown theater?
Dogfish Head is very excited to be part of this awesome beer and wine festival again this year! It is located at a new waterfront downtown location right next to the USS North Carolina Battleship!