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Firefly Ale

Limited, Draft Only
Original Release Date: 
On Tap At Tasting Room: 
At the Milton Tasting Room
On Tap: 
At the Rehoboth Brewpub

We're music junkies here at Dogfish Head, and one of our favorite times of year is when the Firefly Music Festival rolls through our neck of the woods. And guess who just happens to be the official craft beer of Firefly?

To celebrate this growing East Coast extravaganza, we've brewed up Firefly Ale, a sessionable pale ale that we like to think is a highlight for more than a few festival-goers.

Firefly is an English-style pale ale brewed with Marris Otter barley and English heritage hops (because the Sex Pistols invented punk rock). To add a fruity and citrusy aroma, there’s a late addition of American Calypso hops (because the Ramones invented punk rock).

This very approachable balance of hops and grain can be found at our pop-up pub at Firefly and on the road at some of our favorite beer-and-music venues. Don't miss it!

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Tasting Notes: 
Malty, with a biscuit character and moderate bitterness. Slightly spicy and crisp finish.
Food Pairing Recommendations: 
Wings, four-cheese pizza, spicy fish tacos, hummus plate
Glassware Recommendation: 
IPA Glass
Wine Comparable: 

Beer Activity

Matt G is drinking Firefly Ale at Dogfish Head AlehouseWow. This is wonderful. Well done.

17 min 15 sec

Chad C is drinking Firefly AleBetter than I remember. Solid pale ale

1 hour 38 min

Bob Ford is drinking Firefly Ale

1 day 47 min

Matt C. is drinking Firefly AleEhhh

1 day 1 hour

Brewed M. is drinking Firefly Ale at Dogfish Head AlehouseBeautiful light color. Solid, not too much of anything but enough of everything.

1 day 21 hours
4 days 23 hours
5 days 23 hours

Bobby is drinking Firefly AleYesterday at the brewery

6 days 6 hours
Come one come all for a three day extravaganza of DFH!   Fall Festivities include:Thursday, Oct 30th-
Whole Foods Lakewood and Dogfish Head are teaming up to bring you a bunch of goodies to get your ready for the holidays!!