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Isabelle Proximus

Original Release Date: 

The collaborative beer was the work of five brewers - Sam Calagione (Dogfish), Tomme Arthur (The Lost Abbey), Adam Avery (Avery Brewing), Rob Todd (Allagash), and Vinnie Cirulzo (Russian River). The guys all took a trip to Belgium together a few years back and decided to make a beer together - this is it. The beer was brewed at Tomme's brewery and each company put in a few barrels of beer and some of their house yeast. The result is a tasty sour ale. The original label artwork was painstakingly painted by Sam Calagione.


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Come out to Bacon's Wine and Spirits on Friday August 15th from 5:00pm to 7:00pm as John from Dogfish Head will be sampling some of there finest beers.   Beers Include:
Join us for a DFH Ancient Ales and food pairing at Sedona Taphouse!   Menu TBD. Please call Sedona Taphouse for more info!   Beer Lineup: