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Saison du BUFF

Original Release Date: 

This beer is collaboration between Dogfish Head, Stone Brewing Co. (Escondido, CA) and Victory Brewing Company (Downingtown, PA).

The idea for this beer germinated way back in 2003 when the three guys (Sam from Dogfish, Greg from Stone and Bill from Victory) formed the BUFF alliance (Brewers United for Freedom of Flavor) - a noble endeavor with the goal to highlight the passion and camaraderie of the American craft brew movement.

So, BUFF didn't really do anything (beyond talk a lot of talk) until 2010 when the three brewers finally got together to jointly brew at beer at the Stone Brewery. Saison du BUFF was first brewed at Stone and then replicated at each of the other two breweries - same recipe, same ingredients, three different breweries throughout 2010. The brewers have a repeat performance planned for 2012!

Saison du BUFF is a 6.8% ABV Saison brewed with parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. The beer is brewed three times, once at each brewery using the same recipe. The expected release dates for each brew are as follows:

Dogfish Head - March 2012 release

Victory Brewing - April 2012 release

Stone Brewing Co.- Late May 2012 release

Below you can see the different brewery's bottles for the Saison du BUFF releases (from left to right, Stone, Dogfish and Victory):


The beers, once released will be distributed by each brewery's distribution partners. Please check with each brewery about availabilty of their Saison du BUFF.


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Beer Activity

11 hours 48 min

Martin Baker is drinking Saison du BUFFVery nice. Rosemary is strong with this one.

13 hours 44 min

Donald Blevins is drinking Saison du BUFFGreat saison

13 hours 45 min
13 hours 45 min

Frank Reiter is drinking Saison du BUFF at das Reiter HausVery interesting flavor profile.

13 hours 50 min
14 hours 59 min
17 hours 29 min

Rzo is drinking Saison du BUFF

18 hours 30 min
23 hours 20 min

Sir Buckus Shotticus is drinking Saison du BUFF at Dogfish Head Brewings & EatsLighter and more crisp than I exoected!! Not your standard saison

1 day 30 min
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