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This Brewpub Exclusive saison is an interesting paradox; refreshing yet flavorful, light but complex. The Saison yeast strain takes center stage and contributes complex aromas of pineapple, mango, papaya, and pepper. A healthy dose of American hops at the end of the boil compliments the tropical fruit aromas with their own notes of citrus rinds and fruit.

Farmers in Belgium and France used to make beers to quench their workers after a long day in the fields and each beer reflected the personality and tastes of the individual brewer as well as the region in which it was brewed. Here we have our version of a Farmhouse Ale which combines our love of American hops with respect for the Belgian brewing tradition.

Zeno presents a compelling argument against motion from your seat at the bar and is great for cooling off after a long day in the fields (or on the beach!).

This beer has enough flavor to stand up to a full flavored burger but is subtle enough to go with fresh seafood as well.

Zeno was brewed again! On tap late July 2010 and around as long as it lasts!

Due to the limited availability of our Brewpub Exclusive beers, Zeno is not available to go in growlers. sorry.

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We are featuring Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales on tap, and Wendy from the brewery will be on hand to speak on all things Dogfish!  Come one, come all ye Off-Centered!
Record Store Day Continues!!!! Come out to Brass Tap Mills for a chance to win a Dogfish Head Record Player, Commemorative Poster, and some glassware. We will be there from 6pm-9pm.