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Saison Printemps

Limited, Draft Only
Original Release Date: 

Belgian Saisons are 'seasonal' brews made in the Wallonia region during the winter months and then traditionally stored until spring and summer as refreshment for farm workers.  Typically dry and spicy with moderate hopping levels, Saisons are generally light in color and extremely refreshing.  Our Saison Printemps, or “Spring Saison”, follows right in the footsteps of the original Wallonian ales to bring in the season with bright flavors of fresh herbal and citrusy hops, bready malts, and a dry spicy finish.  Fermented with a blend of Saison yeasts originating from both Belgium and France, this ale was heavily hopped in the kettle with English Kent Golding and French Aramis hops and then dry hopped in the fermenter with whole leaf Simcoe, Palisade, and HBC 644 hops for a wonderful floral pungent character. 

Saison Printemps will go on tap Friday, March 22, 2013 and will be available until it is gone.

Due to limited availability, our Brewpub Exclusive beers are not available in growlers.

An honest to goodness IPA brewed with a bounty of real citrus including lemon flesh, blood orange juice plus orange and lemon peel.
Drivin' N' Cryin'.