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Goser The Gosarian

Limited, Draft Only
Original Release Date: 

Being one of the original gangstas of off-centeredness the Gose is one of the only types of beer legally allowed to be brewed without the Reinheitsgetbot restriction in Germany. Gose originated in the Saxon State of Germany in the town of Goslar on the river Gose. The mash consisted of 40% wheat, 40% German Pilsner Malt and 20% Flaked Oats to help round out the character of the beer.

For our version, brewer Todd Perkins was in charge - in the kettle we used Vanguard hops, Salt (Hawaiian Sea Salt), ground coriander and lactic acid to finish. Todd gave a nod to a fave flick 'Ghostbusters' in naming this beer.

Goser The Gosarian is very easy to drink at only 4.5 ABV and 19 IBU.

Straw like in color.

Available only while supplies last at our downtown Rehoboth Beach brewpub.

Due to limited availability of Goser The Gosarian, growlers are not available.

Gear up Tuesday, June 7th for an epic Dogfish Head 21st Anniversary Extravaganza!  We are celebrating 21st Off-Centered years by pouring 21 draft lines with our friends at Barcade in Chelsea!
We will be tasting our scratch-made spirits from 4-7pm Don't miss this one!