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Fun = Yes

Limited, Draft Only
Original Release Date: 

Laughing maniacally at the Reinheitsgebot, Sam and Bryan brewed this one with two-row and Marris Otter malts, lots of First Gold hops, red grenadine, pureed French cherries, cinnamon, craisins, limes, white sugar, black pepper, and fennel. The aroma of First Gold hops jump out at you from the grapefruit colored brew while the spices and fruitiness linger in the background.

Fun = Yes is a Brewpub Exclusive and will go on tap in April 22, 2011. It'll be available until it is gone!

Due to limited supply, Fun = Yes will not be available in growlers.

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Come to Route 66 Smokehouse for Happy Hour in the FiDi neighborhood on July 23rd.  We will be premiering brews that have never been served at Route 66!    
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