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Fer’Me Verjus

Limited, Draft Only
Original Release Date: 

 Fer’Me Verjous is a 100% Brettanomyces fermented saison with brewed local Delmarva Beach Plumbs and Napa Valley Verjous Rouge.  Beach Plumbs are a peculiar fruit native to the state of Delaware and the Delmarva Peninsula.  Somewhere in between a grape, cranberry, and cherry, Beach Plumbs have a tannic skin that contains the redish-purple color and much of the acidity in the flavor of the fruit, with large pits like a cherry.  We got ours from Seaberry Farm, located in Federalsburg on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  Verjous is unripened-grape juice.  Wonderfully acidic, is Verjous is pressed from grapes harvested early in the season before sugars have time to develop.  Added at the end of the boil and directly into the fermenter to the base wort made from Czech Pilsner malt, the brew was then fermented with a vigorous pitch of Brettanomyces Clausenii propped up for us by our friends at East Coast Yeast.  Dogfish Head’s first 100% Brett brew, Fer’Me Verjous starts out with subtle notes of funk and tart berries which gives way to bready malt with a clean finish.  A perfect pairing for any of our salads or the Chef’s special Catch of the Day.

Fer’Me Verjus will be tapped on Friday, 11/29/13 and will be available until its gone.

Due to limited availability, Brewpub Exclusives are not available for growler fills.

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Today I met a hardcore Dogfish evangelist named Skylar Wallace in Kansas City. Yes, the Kansas City in Missouri - where we don't yet sell Dogfish Head.
Join us for an evening of tasty beverages at Peabody's in Boone, NC. Brittany with Dogfish will be pouring from 5pm until 7pm  on Tuesday, October 28th so make sure you come on out!